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Initiation ceremony – 2023

On September 27, 2023, an event was held dedicated to “Initiation ceremony” to TTPU freshmen, admitted in 2023-2024 academic year.

First, the event was opened with the anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan. After that, the first vice-rector of the university A.Ashurov made a speech and said that the university will provide the necessary conditions for the students to become leading specialists in the future.

During the annual event, students take their oaths to dedicate all their activities for our motherland and its great future, to become highly qualified professionals, to be the best before parents, to devote all their knowledge in order to fully fulfill it, regularly acquire practical knowledge and skills in the chosen specialty, to complete the activities specified in the curriculum and programs on time, to constantly participate in training sessions, use the acquired professional knowledge, master the engineering profession and contribute to the development of the economy of our country, and consider compliance with the internal rules of the university as their sacred duty.

The participants of the university music club and the military orchestra of the University of Public Safety gave the event a special upbeat mood.

At the event, active and talented, exemplary, winners of a number of contests, in order to show their achievements, university education system, created conditions, projects implemented in the last two years and become motivation for students, the university ” Urunov Asadbek and Qayumov Asadbek, students of the 4th stage of the “Mechanical Engineering Technology” course, presented very interesting presentations.

To show his achievements, educational system of the university, the created conditions, the projects implemented in the last two years and to motivate the students, an active and talented student, a fourth-year students Urunov Asadbek and Qatumov Asadbek presented a very informative presentation.