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Fighting addiction-an urgent problem

On November 21, 2023, according to the initiative of the senior inspectors of TTPU, a round table was organized on the topic “Consumption of psychotropic drugs among students and the premature prevention of offenses and crime”. At the event University senior inspector Lieutenant Colonel Sh.Yusupov, Senior Lieutenant O.F.Ismailova, Deputy Dean A.Azizkhodjayev, tyutors and student took part.

Speakers at the event alerted young people to the legal liability of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the relevant articles of the criminal and administrative liability code regardless of age and social origin for committing fraud and crime among young people under the influence of psychotropic drugs, their negative consequences, also students to comply with the rules of internal order of students dormitory,. 

At the end of the event students ‘ questions, suggestions and comments on the topic were listened to and given answers and instructions.