You are currently viewing Spiritual and educational event within the framework of “Ma’rifat ulashib” project

Spiritual and educational event within the framework of “Ma’rifat ulashib” project

On May 1, 2024 a spiritual and educational meeting with the famous poet Abdumajid Azim, holder of the “Shukhrat” medal and the “Do‘stlik” order, was held at Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent as part of the “Knowledge Sharing” project.

During the conversation with students, teachers and pupils of the academic lyceum under the university, the poet Abdumajid Azim noted that although today we cannot imagine our present day without the advanced technologies of the information age, it is gratifying that there are young people among students and schoolchildren who are familiar with books.

A book is a great miracle. The person who joins it learns only lessons of humanity. True, today time is rapidly moving forward, computer technologies, the Internet, and information and communication means are rapidly entering our lives. However, no means can replace the book, a poet noted. Also, the speaker informed the audience about the attention paid to reading in our country, the importance of the book in human life.

During the conversation, our guest spoke about the life and philosophical works of our great figures who made a huge contribution to the development of the literary world, such as Alisher Navoi and Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, and gave valuable advice on how the meaning of works and what good ideas they embody, as well as about human development.

Introducing our youth to the world of literature, our guest also presented examples from his own works. During the evening, young people received meaningful answers to their questions about literature. A proposal was made to organize more such significant events.