You are currently viewing Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent and the joint-stock company «O’ZAGROTEXSANOATXOLDING” are conducting joint works.

Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent and the joint-stock company «O’ZAGROTEXSANOATXOLDING” are conducting joint works.

A branch of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering of Turin Polytechnic University (TTPU) was established on the territory of the Design and Technology Center for Agricultural Machinery of the Tashkent Agricultural Mechanical engineering Plant of the “O’ZAGROTEXSANOATXOLDING” Joint-Stock Company.

For lectures, practical and laboratory work, a room is allocated, equipped with desks, chairs, video projectors and demonstration materials. A list of more than 80 modern educational and scientific literature in the industry has been compiled and purchase orders have been placed.

For 4-year students (40 students) studying at TPUT in the field of mechanical engineering technology, the lesson schedule for the course until the end of the 2019-2020 academic year was approved in the subject “Testing of agricultural techniques and technologies”.

In order to conduct laboratory and practical classes at the branch, two professors and teachers of TTPU and two leading employees of the Tashkent Agricultural Equipment Plant are involved.

A list of problematic topics and projects for joint research of practical and innovative projects for 2019-2020 is being formed in collaboration with the Department of Engineering Technologies and Aerospace Engineering, TTPU, Turin Invest Engineering LLC and the “O’ZAGROTEXSANOATXOLDING” Joint-Stock Company.

2 researchers and 2 doctoral students of TPUT will perform dissertation works, as well as 10 of 4-year students will perform final qualification works on problematic issues of “O’ZAGROTEXSANOATXOLDING” Joint-Stock Company, where 5 qualified employees of the enterprise are involved in their scientific management.

For lectures, practical classes and summer internships for students on the territory of the Tashkent Center for the Design and Technology of Agricultural Machinery, visual models of tractors and agricultural machines, including cotton assembly parts, were provided.

In order to ensure activity in the joint-stock company “O’ZAGROTEXSANOATXOLDING”, 6 professors and teachers of TPUT took part in an interview, among which Mirzaliev Sanzhar was hired as deputy head of the department of innovation and investment projects and localization, Tajiev Zafar as a leading engineer and Khakimzhanov Ruslan as a leading specialist of the production planning department.