31 Jul IT projects and trainings in partnership with “2019 WORLD FRIENDS KOREA ICT VOLUNTEERS”


Currently in our university a group of volunteers with IT experts of “2019 Word Friends Korea ICT” are carrying out IT project and trainings with IT professionals and the students of TTPU. This group of volunteers is divided into two teams: “IT-Arirang” and “FIT”.
“IT-Arirang” team led by Professor Won Bo Shim from Chung Cheong University – one of Korea’s most prestigious universities is working on establishing a new ICT project called “Web Attendance Control System” using IoT technology”.
“FIT” team is conducting classes on “Cloud Computing” technology for IT students at our university.
Observing the participation of our students at IT classes, Professor Won Bo Shim said that “Students of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent have strong desire to learn modern computer technology, most of the students have no difficulties communicating in English and their level of IT knowledge is very impressive. I hope this IT volunteering to become an opportunity for our Korean students to share IT technology of Korea and learn about each other’s culture with the Uzbek students.”
It is worth mentioning that our university has been cooperating for several years with “World Friends Korea ICT volunteers” group which is organized by Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea and supervised by National Information Society Agency. 2019 WFK ICT Volunteers are dispatched in public institutions such as international organizations and universities in 16 countries around the world which are CIS region including Uzbekistan, Asia-Pacific region including Vietnam and Mongolia, Central and South America, Africa and so on.
This year’s sessions are aimed not only holding trainings in IT technology and sharing experiences, but also improving friendships between two nations through learning about Korean and Uzbek culture.