10 Sep Induction Days 2019

Each year the “Induction Days” (Freshmen School) is organized for the first year students at our university. At these events, new students will have the opportunity to get a general idea of ​​university and student life and share their experiences. This year, on September 5, the first day of the “Induction Days” began.

On the first day of the event, students gathered in the university Conference Hall, where at the opening ceremony, members of the University Youth Union organization presented an interesting presentation, welcomed the newcomers and wished them success in their upcoming studies. New students were shown videos on university and student life, as well as on the participation of university students in various local and international exhibitions. After an interesting video demonstration, students asked their questions about the learning process at the university and other questions and received relevant recommendations from the coordinators.

After the opening ceremony, students worked in groups, according to which in each group all interactive games were organized for mutual acquaintance and team building. First-year students also visited the university.

The second day of “Induction Days” (Freshmen School) also brought together many young people. These events brought joy to the students and united them in a friendly spirit. On the second day, student athletes competed in football, volleyball, table tennis and arm wrestling. After intense and uncompromising games, the names of the winning teams were announced. In the afternoon, the “Miss Induction” contest was held among the girls to test how talented they were.

Activities of the day, which include funny jokes, sincerity, fun and friendship, gave students a great mood before the study year.