25 Oct Our students participated in Republican Student Youth Festival


In our country, many reforms and measures are being taken to increase the spirituality of young people, to show their talents, broaden their horizons and thinking, as well as to create conditions for useful spending of their free time.
One of them was the Republican Student Youth Festival, which took place on October 17, 18 and 19 under the slogan “My dear Uzbekistan, live forever!” organized as a part of five important initiatives put forward by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Talented students from higher educational institutions in the fields of culture and art, sports and a healthy lifestyle, the use of information technology and the Internet, art and literature, and folk crafts were attracted to the festival. The main aim of the festival was to form a feeling of involvement in the fate of the motherland among students of higher educational institutions, to bring up a spiritually mature generation, to help to find them a worthy place in society and become a leading specialist in their field of interests.
Students of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent also took part in an IT-exhibition and in an exhibition held on the basis of five major initiatives among higher education institutions. Fourth-year student of the University, Javokhir Rakhimov (two-time Republican winner in the field of robotics) and third-year student, Muhammadrizo Yakhyoyev (winner of the tournament “RobotUZ-2019”) took part with their constructor called “Roboland”, a dancing robot called “iRobot” and a guide book called “Arduino”.
“Roland” is a constructor with over 200 electronic devices designed to educate young people in electronics and programming. Using these devices, 44 practical projects can be implemented. Mobile phones, turnstile devices, smart thermometers, smart lights, houses, greenhouses – all this is an example of using constructor devices with the use of electronics and programming components. One more example is the dancing “iRobot”, which was also represented at the exhibition. In addition, inside the constructor box, there is a guidebook written in the Uzbek language, which allows students to learn the basics of programming and electronics on their own. It should be noted that this book is the first textbook on robotics in the Uzbek language.
The inventions of university students attracted and interested the audience and, most importantly, increased the participants’ confidence in their abilities and talents.