23 Dec


Round table on the topic “Fight against drug addiction among youth”, “Fight against human trafficking” and “We are against corruption!”
On the 28th of November of this year at the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, it was held a round table with university students and specialists on the theme “Fight against drug addiction among youth”, “Fight against human trafficking” and “We are against corruption!” and on the essence of the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On weapons “.
The event was opened by the Vice-Rector on Working with Youth A. Ashurov. He introduced the guests to the students. He spoke about the spread of various crimes among young people as globally so as in our country, and gave the floor to captain Salohiddin Salimzhanov, senior inspector of the police department No. 4 of the Almazar district.
In his speech, S. Salimjonov spoke about the frequent offenses and crimes that are currently encountered among young people, cited some statistics and stopped at the most common ones. He separately noted drug addiction, human trafficking, corruption and occasions with edged weapons.
He emphasized the problem of the spread of drug addiction and, in particular, noted that today preventing the spread of drugs among the population and expanding their understanding in this regard is an urgent task for each of us. Addiction is a painful craving or addiction to drugs used in various ways in order to achieve a stupefying condition or relieve pain. A video on the concept of drug addiction, showing the speeches of pitying criminals and the dangers of threatening a quiet life of the population.
Human trafficking is also a global problem that affects the lives of millions of people in almost any country in the world and which deprives them of human dignity. Being one of the most shameful crimes in the world, human trafficking is misleading and victims of women, men and children from all over the world and daily causes them to be exploited. Speaking about the fight against human trafficking, Salimjonov noted that the majority of victims of human trafficking are minors and women. And he explained to students about measures taken to prevent threats and to protect and provide assistance to victims of crime.
“Corruption is a lack of decency and honesty; use of official position for gaining dishonesty. Abuse of official position, illegal use of tangible or intangible benefits for personal or other interests entails criminal liability, as well as those who offer and pay bribes, that is, both parties, ”S. Salimjonov said and explained the consequences and factors bearing these violations.
A. Asomov, the senior inspector of the licensing department of the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent, continued his speech with a report on the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Weapons”, signed on July 29, 2019, under the number of ZRU-550 and coming into force in February 2020. He talked about the types of knives, the order of their acquisition and age restrictions. He also indicated incidents of cold steel crimes and their consequences.
The meeting, being very informative and warning, made it possible for students to become more familiar with each of the threats and get answers to all of their questions.