23 Dec The Day of Open Doors


On the 12th of December of this year in TTPU, it was held the Day of Open Doors for Olmazor district school pupils. The event was organized in order to acquaint school graduates with the university and to assist in choosing their future profession.
To begin with, the guests were given an opportunity to acquaint with the history of the university and to listen to the talk of the members of the administration about the achievements and capabilities of the university.
After the presentation, the students were divided into several groups for guided tours on the university campus. Guests were able to visit the lecture halls, the library, the gym, and the university building. Also, the tour was held in the mechatronics center and the technology park, where the works and achievements of the students and the university were shown.
The Day of Open Doors provided an excellent opportunity for students to get acquainted with the education and opportunities of the university, which was a decisive step for students to choose a university to continue their studies.