27 Dec International Robotics Olympiad IRO-2019


International Robot Olympiad Committee is an organization that promotes the holding of robotics competitions for the participants from all over the world for 21 years, the purpose of which is to increase the interest in technics and ability of scientific thinking of young people, as well as to expand the use of robots in people’s lives.
From the 15th to 18th December of this year, the 21st International Robotics Olympiad was held in Chiang Mai (Thailand), in which the teams from Uzbekistan took part and proudly defended the honor of the country.

The competition took place in several directions: Tag-out, Mission Challenge, Line-following and Creative category challenge. According to the results of the competition, in this competition participant from Uzbekistan managed to get 7 medals, one of which was awarded to students of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, Behruz Berdiev and Bunyodbek Zaripov for an honorable third place in the Creative category challenge.

We sincerely congratulate our winners and wish them to reach even greater heights!