29 Jul The first robot assistant in Uzbekistan has been developed by students of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent.


The universal robot NovAssistant, created by students of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, was developed with the assistance of the Scientific and Practical Center for the Implementation of Innovative Developments under the Ministry of Innovative Development of Republic of Uzbekistan.

The team members of this project are Daler Mardonov (project manager), Saidakbarkhon Pulatov (programmer), Saidazizkhon Saidaloyev (constructor), Saidalokhon Ergashkhojazoda (mechanic).

The purpose of creating this robot is to facilitate everyday tasks in such areas as medicine, entrepreneurship, education, tourism, as well as to help people with disabilities.

The abilities of this robot include not only communication and expression of emotions, but also assistance in the work of office or home. By request of the customer, additional functions, such as artificial intelligence, face recognition and indoor management function can be developed. The robot can be controlled by voice signals or through the application.

The average cost of robot assistants abroad is 180 million soums. Domestic robot assistants will cost about 25-45 million soums, depending on configurations.