“Natural-mathematical sciences” department has been established in 2009.

Department provides educational process infundamental disciplines that can be divided into 5 following parts:

  • “Mathematics”, “Geometry” and “Mathematical analysis”;
  • “Physics”
  • “Chemistry” and “Inorganic chemistry”;
  • “Computer science and information technology” and  “Computer  technologies”;
  • “Technical drawing with the fundamentals of descriptive geometry” and “Engineering drawing”.

Teaching at the Department includes elements of innovative educational technologies such as modular training, adaptive learning systems, interactive technologies, computer testing, programmable control, etc.  Materials in the form of a Power Point presentation, videos, animations are widely used  in classrooms  along with the  an interactive whiteboard. Department conducts regular  scientific-methodical seminars.

Areas of research interest:

  • theory and methodology of general and higher education;
  • applied mathematics;
  • dynamic systems;
  • mathematical modeling;
  • distance learning;
  • problems of development of virtual algorithms; 
  • material science and technology of new materials;
  • alternative energy sources.
  • urban and rural area planning;