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Microsoft Student Programs at TTPU

On 15th of February, a live event was held with Microsoft and our university students at TTPU campus. The aim of the meeting was to introduce “Microsoft Student Programs” to our students and encourage them to be involved in the program. They learned about Microsoft offering and benefits, and had an opportunity to get answers directly from Microsoft employees, such as Carlotta Castelluccio a cloud developer advocate, and Tessa Wiedmann a product manager at Microsoft.
In addition to student ambassador program, annual competition held by Microsoft – “Imagine Cup” was also discussed.

Our students had a chance also to talk to their peers from other countries who had an experience in the program and to learn about their experience. Namely, Kenji Phang and Jennifer Holland both from UK and considered Gold Microsoft Learn student ambassadors at their host universities shared their experience and the benefits they got from the program.

In the end, our students were offered a free $100 Azure credit to try and learn Microsoft technologies for free as part of their university education.