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Innovative devices for military sphere

Robot-sapper – “Zirhli Tulpor”, created by engineers and students of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent on the basis of a grant from the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Robotic complex “Zirhli Tulpor”, designed for remote disposal of explosive devices.

“Zirhli Tulpor” is used for visual reconnaissance, search and initial diagnosis of suspicious objects using television cameras, and special attachments. For the evacuation of defused explosive devices, the complex is equipped with special containers. The robot is also used when performing technological operations to provide access to potentially dangerous objects.

The control of the robotic complex is carried out both by cable and by radio, depending on situation. The duration of continuous operation of the robot is from two to four hours. The caterpillar platform allows Zirhli Tulpor to overcome thresholds 250 mm high and water barriers up to 200 mm deep.


  • Dimensions:-Length 70-80sm; width 30-40sm
  • Infrared cameras
  • Signal suppressor
  • Camera 360* view
  • Remote control within a radius of 500m
  • Lighting system
  • GPS-tracking
  • Mobile cameras
  • Sensors for finding mines
  • Obstacle sensors
  • Sensors for terrain and surface design
  • Load capacity up to 35kg
  • Robot weight 160kg
  • Manipulator rotation angle 180
  • 4 motors for grasping and lifting an object
  • Battery life 2 hours
  • Tracked chassis
  • Weather protection (dust, moisture)
  • Impact resistant design.